The Havanese are a part of the Bichon family which consists of four types: The Bichon Maltiase (Maltese), the Bichon Bolognese (Bolognese), the Bichon Havanais (Havanese), and the Bichon Teneriffe (Bichone Frise). Earliest references extend back to 23-79 BC in the Mediterranean, quite possibly from the Island of Malta, known then as Melita. Also known as the Havana Silk Dog, the Havanese came to The United States from Cuba at the beginning of the Cuban revolution. Popular among wealthy Cubans, the breed is thought to have had both Spain and Italy play an integral part in bringing the Havanese to the New World. Fortunately, a few wealthy cuban families who escaped from Cuba during her perilous times, banded together to save their little breed from extinction.

The Havanese is truly one of the most delightful of the small breeds. They are remarkably intelligent, quick-witted and anxious to please.  Quick to learn and anxious to please, they are a charming, open-hearted breed with an endearing personality. 

They are nonshedding and hypoallergenic.  Their large dark appealing eyes will steal your heart. The non-shedding coat is long and silky and can range from a slight wave to curly. The breed comes in a rainbow of colors, from white to shades of cream, champagne, gold, black, blue, silver, chocolate or any combination of these. The plumed tail is carried over the back.   The average weight of the adult ranges from about seven to thirteen pounds.

With gorgeous good looks and endearing personality, the havanese make a wonderful house pet.  They are devoted to their families and are happiest when accepted as a full member. 

After raising dalmations and labs for twenty years, we were introduced to the Havanese in the fall of 2003 when Javier joined the family.  Within a year, we were joined by our precious princess Phoebe.  On September 30, 2007, Phoebe whelped our first Havanese litter - 5 beautiful boys.  Click here to visit our nursery.

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Haven to our Havanese